New SAT Essay Writing Strategies

There are certain differences between old and new SAT essaywriting. You should get a better idea of the latest updates, howthey impact your personal strategies, and step-by-step directionsto prepare for a new version of rules. For example, studentscan’t come up with any literary, historical, and personalexamples as their supporting details. New rules encourage you toshowcase a completely new skill and show how you can analyzearguments. You need to know how to work through your reasoning.

Basic Reminders and Considerations

When it comes to essay scoring, new SAT rules have differentscoring rates compared to the old one. Get a better understandingof the meaning of every point for all areas of scoring, such as:

  • Writing;
  • Reading;
  • Analysis.

Interested in comparing essays? Writing the best paper can be ahard task to complete even for talented writers. Students aregiven with only 50 minutes to read and analyze a particular text.Then they need to write an interesting and articulate essay aboutit. If you aren’t at the level that you want to be aftercomparing academic papers, don’t worry. That’s because it’s allabout enough practice, so keep track of your improved results.

Popular Persuasive Elements

There are many persuasive elements that you can used to make apoint in your new SAT essay, but every passage should featuredifferent ones. Take a look at these common persuasive elementsthat can be used in any given passage:

  • Evidence and statistics;
  • Reasoning and anecdotes;
  • Deducting general rules from specific cases;
  • Applying general rules to given cases;
  • Using your logic to rule any possibility both in and out.

Effective Literary Elements

Your basic goal is trying to sound like readers, and there aremany literary elements that can be used to achieve it, including:

  • Sarcasm and irony;
  • Word choice and repetitions.

How to Create an Effective Essay Outline

  1. A thesis statement. This is where you need to use your ironiclanguage, statistical evidence, and emotional appeals to persuadethe audience.
  2. Statistical evidence and examples.
  3. The use of ironic language.
  4. The examples of emotional appeals.
  5. A concluding paragraph that restates a thesis.

Once you complete this brief and effective outline, feel free towrite your essay. You need to keep an eye on the clock and leavea few minutes in the end to review and edit everything that youwrite. This simple tip will provide you with a great chance tofind and fix all kinds of grammar, stylistic, and spelling errorsbefore handing in your paper.

The Task and Timing of New Rules

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The main task of all old essays of this type was responding to acertain question. After choosing a specific side, either anegation or an affirmation, and developing a strong thesis,students had to come up with fictional or real evidence tosupport their major arguments to write a great paper to back uptheir stance. Now, things are quite different in terms of new SATessay writing, but in many good ways. Find out more about some ofthe basic changes.

New rules have certain time limits (50 minutes), so students getsome extra time. They need to write 4 pages, and this increasedtime period is not only to let them write mote, but it alsoreflects an updated task of this assignment because it contains abigger reading element. Instead of asking students to answer acertain question in their essays, new rules provide them withsubstantial reading passages with some clear arguments. You’reasked to evaluate how their authors use a range of availableresources, including reasoning, facts, style, and evidence, tosupport their major arguments.

It’s worth mentioning that this assignment doesn’t require you toevaluate if the arguments of authors are right, if they could beargued better, etc. You’re required to offer your opinion on howa specific argument is made. It’s necessary to analyze itsreasoning, evidence uses, and language to explain how authors usetheir writing to advocate for a specific position in youracademic paper.

Effective Strategies to Get Started

The next step is learning how to approach this type of essaycorrectly. The first thing that will be noticed after opening anessay packet is its instructional box, which always contains thesame directions, including your personal considerations on howauthors use:

  • Evidence, like examples and facts, to support claims;
  • Different persuasive and stylistic elements, includingappeals to emotions and word choice, to add more power to theirideas;
  • Reasoning to develop strong arguments and connect theirevidence and claims.

There are some helpful and clear guidelines that will help youget started after reading given passages.

Reading and Annotating Passages

You should not only read passages closely, but it’s alsonecessary to do it in an engaged and active manner. The main goalis collecting as many tidbits that fit into such basic categoriesas persuasive or stylistic elements, reasoning, and evidence. Theobservations that you make at this stage form the basis of yourfuture essay. While annotative given passages, you need to do thefollowing:

  • Underlying and circling important concepts and words;
  • Labeling important information;
  • Writing notes in margins.

Feel free to do other things if they will help you find what youneed when searching for specific sections or quotes toparaphrase. Use some helpful tips to find the things that belongto the above-mentioned elements. For example:

  • Evidence can include different historical examples, facts,scientific studies, personal anecdotes, current events, politicalcircumstances, and literature;
  • Reasoning that can be spotted by summarizing statements,logical connectors, and replies or rebuttals to objections;
  • Persuasive and stylistic elements that include the structure,sentence length, word choice, repetitions, metaphors and similes,and so on.

Making a Details Essay Plan

After reading a given passage, pay attention to new SAT essayprompts that ask you to write an academic paper where you explainhow authors make their strong arguments to persuade readers. Whenwriting an essay, you need to analyze how they use differentelements to strengthen the persuasiveness and logic of allarguments. Don’t forget to focus your personal analysis on themost relevant features.

Before getting started, it’s advisable to create a brief planthat will be used to sort the necessary evidence into a clearframework. Use margins to determine the evidence that you’ll takefrom each section to support your point of view. Although youshouldn’t respond authors’ arguments directly, take them intoaccount when addressing your essay prompts. This simple tip canhelp you structure a great paper, so you need to restate the mainargument and possible objections.

Review all annotations and reconstruct with simple notes thedevelopment, structure, strength, and other basic elements ofgiven passages. This kind of reconstruction serves as a patternfor your future essay because you break down and explain to theaudience how major arguments are built, what evidence is used,etc. After reconstructing the main argument with paraphrasing andshorthand notes, you need to break it into logically related andsmall parts that will become essay paragraphs.

Consider your outline as an effective way of visually andmentally organizing your paper. Once it’s ready, start being moreprecise about the evidence that will be used at specific stagesto support your stance. Flesh out a simple reconstruction bychecking annotations and assigning them to different aspects andphases of arguments.

Writing the Essay Itself

Once the arguments of authors are successfully reconstructed andyou create and effective outline that assigns evidence todifferent sections, all you need to do is writing a great essay.Turn all sub-divisions into separate and logical essayparagraphs. You should quote strong examples and paraphrase frompassages to support your opinion. Your basic goal isinterspersing your ideas with references and examples taken frompassages to illustrate and prove what you want to say. There aremany things involved in successful essay writing, so focus onthese basic aspects to strive for in essay paragraphs:

  • All paragraphs and sentences should follow naturally;
  • Your academic paper should aim for its clarity, brevity, andconcreteness;
  • Vary different structures, sentence lengths, and yourvocabulary to make your essay writing more lively and exciting tothe audience.
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