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M.Sc. Thesis


The Colorado Technical Physics Work group is usually committed to help you realizing valuable analysis although even so providing some substantial high quality involving training intended for our own learners on a undergrad plus graduate student quality.

The actual right after happen to be M.Sc.

About the following degree

theses developed by way of ex- scholar young people in all the Physics unit in TTU.
Theses Archive:    M.Sc.


Author NameM.Sc. Thesis TitleDate/Year
Alamri, AliMixed Brightness Guidance Multiplexing Fourier Ptychographic Microscopy depending regarding HDC 2017-12
Ardakani, RezaTime Reversal Invariance with Quantum Mechanics 2017-12
Mulherin, OliviaTheoretical Understand associated with a Elastical along with Energy Homes involving your AuCdShape Recollection Metal  2017-12
Sooriyaarachchi, DilshanComparative Examine from Photonic Ravenscroft Image resolution choosing Fourier Tychographyic Microscopy and even Dual Breathing space Microscopy  2017-12
Zhuang, ZhuangAnalysis about trainees capabilities structured in Bloom's taxonomy 2017-12
Merritt, RyanPerformance Benefits in SLEND The outdoors from Symmetry Breaking 2017-11
Surendranath, Shivakumar Moiré outcome scientific tests by winter frequencies 2017-08
Zahid, Hadeel Structural, vibrational along with arctic attributes important portions of a strong essay various design II tin-based clathrates 2017-08
Stam, Henry Structural, electronic, together with vibrational real estate connected with a few type-II tin centered clathrates  2017-08
Aldawsari, Federal divorce judges will be employed simply by the actual essay Fourier ptychographic microscopy (FPM) 2017-05
Alfarraj, Mohammed IbrahimSame Line Multiplexing Fourier Tychographic Microscopy 2017-05
Alharbi, Bader AliSame Line Multiplexing Fourier Ptychographic Microscopy 2017-05
Alotaibi, Mohammed1-D Simulation connected with Fourier Ptychographic Microscopy 2017-05
Alzayed, AbdullahLaser-Based Dual-Space Microscopy 2017-05
Gedies, RobertAutomatic Enthusiasm connected with Lighting effects Ways right from Fourier Aeroplanes Images 2017-05
Osler, ArloRadio Fly Emission from 4U 1957+11 2017-05
Alanzi, Shaima Dual-space Microscopy 2016-12
Alenazy, WedadSuper A resolution Imaging about Photonic Crystals employing the particular Dual-Space Microscopy Technique 2016-12
Bu AliThermal Imaging along with infrared picture projector established with VO2 pictures and additionally scanning mirrors 2016-12
Lamichhane, Kamal Search meant for 750 GeV resonance for MonoZ sales channel within CMS Experiment 2016-12
Desai, Darshan Bhadresh Novel systems associated with optical sensors and additionally remark of routine crystals 2016-12
Gordienko, Alexandra Growing anatase together with rutile titania sjangertrekk dissertation outline c-cut sapphire utilising sa mga kababaihang taga malolos dissertation examples deposition 2016-12
Siller, Victor The benefits with plasma etching substrates relating to any functionality account excessive essay staff 11 precious metal narrow films 2016-08
Cao, Dongyu Optical microscopy strategies based mostly with typically the benefit from with your computer-controlled hemispherical handheld condenser 2015-12
Alharbi, Bandar Mohammed Origin from out of the blue condenser-like diamond rings seen within Fourier planes images attained utilising immersion-oil aim lenses 2015-08
Aldawsari, Mabkhoot Mudith Comprehensive understand from optical condensers established through wet-mounting setup 2015-08
Andrews, Keller Optical premises with La2/3Ca1/3MnO3 small window films along with the actual effects associated with embedded commendable sheet metal nanospheres 2015-05
Alotaibi, Maged Oil Msc thesis physics System as a result of Purely natural Sorbents 2015-05
Jayarathna, Ganga Transition character regarding muonium acceptor expresses in silicon how to make sure you start out any personal essay sample alloys 2014-12
O'Brien, Gregory Massive Spectroscopic Follow-up associated with Transients coming from the actual Multi-Epoch Nearby Chaos Survey 2014-08
Alsalmi, Omar Phase Stableness associated with XZn (X = Cu, Ag, together with Au) B2 Alloys 2014-08
Ainiwaer, Ailiyasi Synthetic analyze on amplitude as well as oftenness subject material with the P410P years through standard higher mantle discontinuity  2014-08
Al Mogeeth, AbdulazizNuclear Simple Particle Energies 2013-08
Udugama Arachchilage.


 Effect with Cation Evenness upon Probe Rotational Diffusion during Ionic Beverages Learned by just Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching 2013-08
Wacheux, Annie JessicaVibrational in addition to Energy Components for Type-I Tin Clathrates2013-08 
Yoo, JieunElectron Nuclear Mother nature Scientific studies associated with Tumor Therapies Processes: Proton Collisions by means of Standard water Clusters and additionally Electron Hurt of Nucleobases  2013-08
Liu, Lianci Nano Fabrication of Silicon Fins 2012-12
Rusuryi, VanaletCurriculum Expansion and additionally Research laboratory Inspection Assessment and Bio-Physics Research laboratory Subjects Development  2012-12
Houk, Adam Computerized Finalizing about Plasmon Thesis grad chula air conditioner th Images 2012-08
Docaj, Andris Three Carbon Twos throughout Silicon 2012-05
Matthews, James Utilizing Functionalized Nano-Patterned Surface types simply because a fabulous Vision so that you can Phone Growth 2012-05
Rodriguez, RobierPlasmon Tomography Far-Field Superlenses 2012-05
Jake Third.

Applied Physics


Double Resonance Spectroscopy connected with n=4 defense and f Rydberg State governments regarding H2O 2010-08
Saremi, Bahar Synthesis with Big Unilamellar Vesicles (GUVs) with RSE Liposomes during Superior plus Lower Ionic Toughness Buffers 2010-08
Marchante, MosesQuantum vs Traditional Electrodynamics: Conduct photons transfer soon after facial lines associated with energy source flux? 2010-05
Idziaszek, AlicjaInterference through Arrayed Waveguide Gratings Lighted having Really Rapid Pulses associated with Formation distinction essay, PankajStudy from Phonon Weathering through Zoom Coronary heart Phonons with AlN 2007-12
Briggs, Justin B.Amtec Ability End product Marketing as a result of Examining a Grain Proportions Impression about the nation's Electrode Materials 2007-08
Kanchibotla, Bhargava-RamMagnetic Attributes with The form of iron (Fe) Nanostructures 2005
Patibandla, SridharIgnition around Al1Fe2O3 Effective Nano-Composites  2004
McAfee, Jer L.Structural not to mention Vibrational Houses regarding N,N Frames along with {N,H} Complexes on Silicon2004
Thomas, Rayburn D. Study in The radiation Solidity with Optical Fibers 2004
Thakar, Sameer G. Al/Fe2O3 Balanced Composites Based upon Nanowire Define gush essay, Damien J. Copper Defects during Silicon 2003
Mikhail Shubov Accelerator Made Nuclear Electric power Systems 2000
Cannon, Brian L. Phospholipid Headgroup Superlatice Modulation connected with Heart Calcium mineral Station Activity 2000
Gu, Chunlin Measurement for Branching Rate regarding typically the w Corrosion that will Smart as well as Kaon 2000
Lee, Kerry T. Measurement involving Branching Percentage involving a fabulous w Meson Rotting msc thesis physics a J/Psi Meson, your Kaon as well as A couple Pions 2000
Shubov, MikhailAccelerator Made Nuclear Vigor Systems   2000
Dawdy, Morgan R. Muonium for Gallium Nitride 1999
Hastings Jeffrey L.Hydrogen-Defect Friendships for Silicon  1999
Glynn, Ike Todd High Rydberg Reports and even Ionization Likely in Carbon 1997
Ha, ByeongchulMolecular-dynamics Research about a Staebler-Wronski Consequence inside Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Working with Large Supercells   1997
Lal, Surbhi  Characterization about Chemical substance Watery vapor Laid down Diamonds1997 
Zheng, Zhongqiang Diamond-like As well as Video clips Constructed by means of Sputtering together with PECVD 1997
 Demirturk, Tayfun Reduction with that Working surface Electric utility Probable at Lexan not to mention Teflon1997 
Smith, Willian Electron Paramagnetic Resonance associated with Amorphous Silicon Nitride   1996
Young, Douglas Effects connected with Diode Space Drawing a line under and additionally Bipolar Circulation regarding Vircator Microwave Generation  1996
Greig, Wendy Ellen An Electron Cyclotron Resonance Toroidal Plasma Model to get Tiny Video Deposition  1995
Hao, Jing-Fang The Influence connected with Magnet Domain concerning Layered Insulators  1995
Yerger, Walter Nuclear Physics  1995
Guo, Ping   1995
Vaughn, Gregory Secondary Electron Emission Options in Polymers  1995
McBride, Melanie Plasma Depiction in Show Depositing Systems   1994
Redmon, James Pion-nucleon Charge Exchange Scattering in Efforts In close proximity to 10, 20, not to mention 30 MeV  1994
Liang, Dong-Ming Spatial Temporary Conjecture Technique with regard to Videos Compression  1994
Celebi, y Gurkan Electric Discipline Helped Diffusion within Silicon   1994
Zhang, Xin Deep Tiers inside II-VI Semiconductors For example Lattice Relaxation   1993
Bitransin, Mark Spectroscopy connected with Even-Parity Suggests of Molecular Hydrogen  1993
Aaron, William Pulsed High-Voltage Size Explanation on Vacuum  1993
Lin, Lin-I Intramolecular Aspect associated with Lyotropic The liquid Crystals: Theory And also Experiment  1993
Solonenko, Mikhail Spectroscopic Real estate regarding Natural and organic Fabric dyes during Back button m PE  1993
Kerrick, Ginger Infrared Profound Point Transient Spectroscopy  1993
Shen, Jin Miao Characterization Connected with Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Implementing a Prolonged Photocurrent Msc thesis physics, Russell A Home pc Interfaced Time-Resolved Luminescence Imaging System  1992
Micus, Peter A Liquefied Nitrogen-Cooled Carpet cleaner Program Made use of intended for Conductivity Sizes associated with Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Slim Films  1991
Bailon, Leoncio  Theoretical Exploration about a Effect regarding Plasma Dynamics concerning a Moving over Components with Cesium Heavy steam Tacitrons 1991
Brooks, Brentley Differential Corner Sections Of Ask for Switch Reaction Concerning Pion Plus Nucleon Within Small Energy  1991
Hatab, Mustapha Low-Energy Positron Scattering by Fluorescents Atoms  1990
Zoledziowska, Dorthy Laser-Excited Fluorescence Probes intended for Spot Flashover Studies in all the Insulator Celcon  1990
Kher, Alok Nonlinear Point in time Axis being involving appear intellect not to mention human body essay Multi-Exponential Sizing regarding Luminescence Rot Occasions Around A lot of Jobs connected with Magnitude   1990
Mathunjwa, Mduduzi Solvent Viscosity Effects for any Fluorescence Lives in 9-Phenylanthracene  1990
Collins, Sterrett Use with Shut down Methodology Probes to get Gravitational Range Dependancy Parameter Estimation  1990
Osterman, Gregory Monte Carlo Simulation with Area Payment Former to be able to Surface Flashover  1990
Zhu, Jian-Bai Study About Interfacial Water  1990
Sankaran, Mytili Vibrational Spectroscopy and even Photoconductivity constitution write-up 21 essay Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon   1990
Luo, Zhouxing EPR Studies about Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon  1990
Mitchell, Keith Time-Resolved Luminescence Imaging: Application form for you to Latent Fingerprint Detection  1990
Jones, Bobby Oxygen Thermal Donor Formation during CZ-Silicon  1990
Yang, Shilian Deep Stage Transient Spectroscopy and additionally Uniaxial Hassle System  1990
Palsule, Chintamante Transient Photocurrent Decay Throughout Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon  1989
Chu, Chong Hwan Chu, Chong Hwan  1989
Boerwinkle, Elise Measurements associated with any Supplementary Electron Emission as a result of Dielectrics  1988
Giancana, Peter The Effect regarding Parity and also Isospin Preparing regarding msc thesis physics Nuclear Appearance with 6Li   1988
Chen, Sun-Yung Picosecond Pump-Probe Spectroscopic Investigation connected with Electronic digital Energy Leisure throughout H-Aggregates with 1,1'-Diethyl-2,2'-Dicarbocyanine (Ddc) on Colloidal Silica  1988
Lin, Fey Electrical Tests for Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor Structures  1988
Smith, Robert Effects about Winter Annealing with the Electro-mechanical Explanation regarding Slimmer Eating greasy Uric acid Films  1988
Hauenstein, Lowell Theory with Optical Frustrated Areas of Huge Quality Impurities for Covalent Semiconductors  1988
Liu, Mujian An IAM Possibility for the purpose of Central Rotation-Rotation Affairs through Somewhat Deuterated Molecules  1988
Trahan, Markhan Reflection Qualities in Massive Incident Attitudes along with Research towards Sun Bowls  1988
Wang, Chiou-Pirng The Room in your home Climate Mossbauer Homework associated with your Pseudobrookite System  1988
Hamilton, Robert Meson Return Currents and even the particular 6Li Demand Type Factor  1987
Miller, Nancy Determination in Fluorescence Time Distributions along with Program for you to People Hold Serum  1987
Kumar, Shanti ESR Study about Angle Makeup on Pseudobrookite 1987
Pleil, Matthias Time Sorted Fluorescence Spectroscopy with the help of a good Fast Analog Technique  1987
Kwon, Myeunghoi Muon Catalyzed Combination Process  1987
Chan, Kwaichow Localization plus Local Motions involving Muons through Antiferromagnetic Oxides   1986
Ho, Wei Hung A Comparison regarding Simulation Tactics by means of Finite Variation together with Specific Issue Ways intended for Resolving Vlasov-Poisson Systems   1986
Jan, I-Yuan Structural Transformations for this Nickel/Zinc Fluorotitanate System  1986
Lin, Tsai-Ku Search with regard to the actual Muon Avoiding Sites on Rare The earth Orthoferrites as a result of Dipolar Calculations  1986
Tidrow, Steven Three Future options essays Spectrometry connected with Real estate agent K-Lines  1986
Baker, Mary Secondary Electron Emission as a result of Dielectrics  1985
Sinor, Timothy Endpoint Recognition regarding Silicon Wafer Etching   1985
Yimbo, Christopher Mass Msc thesis physics connected with Several Simple Particles   1985
Chang, Tzyh-Lee Contributions of typically the Small-scale Amplitude Vibrations that will this Beneficial Prospective Electric power for Internal Turn on In part Deuterated Methyl Alcohols  1984
Jiang, Chung A Photo- Caused Self-Sustaining State through Semi-Insulating GaAs  1984
Huang, Ching-Hsing Electrical Elements how to be able to write mindsets essay Thermally Evaporated Stearic Stomach acid Flims  1984
Jordan, Kevin Methane Detectors as a result of He-Ne Beam of light for the purpose of Engine oil not to mention Pure Energy Prospecting  1984
Shen, Jun Theory with Electric Spectra around Linear Quartenary Alloys  1984
Leiker, Gary Design plus Build in some Excessive Vitality Electron Gun  1984
Umerah, Gabriel Influence in Meson Substitute Currents for the actual 4He Structure  1984
Wu, Hsueh-Mei An NMR Analysis from Pennie Fluorotitanate  1984
Casey, Kelly Structural Modification Estimates inside Zinc-Doped Dime Fluorotitanate  1983
Herod, David A Spatially Concluded Spectrometer  1982
Yuan, Kai-Chin Ellipsometric Scientific studies in Floor Destruction about Dielectrics  1981
Jackson, George Ultraviolet rays Problems so that you can Dielectrics throughout Of curiosity Gaps  1981
Neacsu, Michael Electrodynamics regarding Spatially Fixed Objects  1981
Fang, Bo-Shung The Researching of Business regarding MOSFET Transistors at Low Temperature  1980

Ron Fu 

Absorption associated with Electromagnetic The radiation throughout all the Significantly Infrared by way of Doped Silicon  1979
Green, Pamula The Spin and rewrite Dependence from Elastic Electron Scattering through Atomic Krypton  1979
Smith, Stanley Elastic Constants from Water piping from 290K towards 4.2K  1979
Chumley, Randy Electron Densities within Laser-Triggered Of curiosity Difference Discharges  1979
Townsend, David Elastic constants involving Cu+2.3at A3 as a result of More than two hundred to make sure you 4.2 K  1979
Roberts, DebraAttenuation regarding Transverse Ultrasonic Dunes on Superconducting Zinc  1978
Chaffin, Kenneth A He3 – He4 Dilution Fridge System  1978
Yen, Yi-Yih Effects connected with any Changes regarding typically the Nuclear Diffuseness not to mention Selection Variables concerning all the Stableness with 126X184,228  1978
Austin, Truett Attenuation for Ultrasonic Shear Ocean inside Superconducting Molybdenum  1976
Covington, Billy An Infrared Analyze regarding Dependable Phosphine  1975
Breashears, Eddie Transverse-Ultrasonic Attenuation Drive For All the Strength Difference Somewhere between Typically the Natural Workplace policy along with measures just for sustainability essay Superconducting Into the particular untamed bob mccandless essay about Zinc   1975
Hwa, Birthing picks essay for Borrmann Results during Silicon Crystals  1975
Lin, Amy Lin, Amy  1974
Wood, Kathryn Cluster Model Car loans calculations to get Photodisintegration involving 6Li 1974
Bushell, Jordan Stephen A Way regarding Comprehending Rotation Based Side effects through Supple Electron Dispersing coming from Gaseous Targets  1973
McCullough, Donald Terrace Construction associated with a fabulous 4-Pi Beta-Ray Spectrometer  1973
Myers, Calvin Analysis associated with Zircon Focus with Marble by just X-Ray Fluorescence  1973
Armstrong, Bruce Precision X-Ray Spectrometry within Cheap Temperatures  1972
Chen, Hua Might possibly Lin X-Ray Study for any Conversion connected with Amorphous Ni63 -- Pd17 -- Pd20 Mix in order to a new Crystalline State  1972
Cheng, Shih King Precision X-Ray Spectroscopy within Excessive Directives for Reflection   1972
Davis, Kim Michael Semi-Classical Design from Neutron Structure  1972
Cress, Daniel H. Interaction in Inversion through Some other Vibrations throughout Frequent together with Deuterated Ammonias  1971
Dean, William K. Correlations involving Electron Rewrite Resonance in addition to Optical Compression Spectra about Yb3+ together with Tm2+ for Fluorite Crystals  1971
Faulkner, Bobby Bain Soft X-Ray Ring Buildings regarding Materials Working with an important Spherically Misshapen Crystal Spectrometer  1971
Mays, Jr ..


Determination associated with Refractive Indices to get Many Solids by just this Strategy about Finish Hand mirror about X-Rays  1971
Priest, John Observation of Alright Building of X-Ray Marks throughout Various Adaptation Elements  1971
Archer, Fsa enlightening article topics with this Calibration Structure about the Ebert-Fastie Spectograph  1970
Kunkel, Jeffrey Ray The Affordable Environment Specified Heating plus Elastic Constants associated with CsI  1970
McClure, Cecil Alan A Fresh Solution for X-Ray Spectroscopy By using A couple of Tendency Crystals  1970
Robbin, Roger Alan Design connected with some sort of He3 Freezer or fridge irony throughout the actual chance with evil essay The country's Utility for you to the particular Statistic with the Specific Temperature of CsBr  1970
Tomlinson, Robert Trueman The Stretchy Scattering connected with your Polarizable Nuclei  1970
Cleavelin, Cloves Rinn Elastic Constants of LiBr from 309 to help 4.2 K  1969
Landers, Melving Charles Quadrupole Flexible Spreading by Polarized Nuclei  1969
O'Hara, Stephen Guy Elastic Constants connected with a Mix Office assistant And 0.3 Atomic Fantasy activities homework paper Port Precious metal through 4.2 to make sure you 300◦ K   1969
Walker, Gary Internal Rotator within Asymmetric-Asymmetric Elements – Gamma Dependence involving your Zero-Point Vibrational Power about To some extent Deuterated Methyl Alcohol   1969
Wise, Floyd Allen A Theoretical Analysis connected with any Optical Faraday Influence connected with (3d)5 Ions through Host or hostess Crystals  1969
Test, II, Howard Raeburn The l = 0 -> 1 Melodrama essay Changes of The actual Partially Deuterated Methyl Alcohols  1968
Welch, Herbert Precision X-Ray Spectroscopy using Some sort of 3 Amazingly Spectrometer 1968 
Arnold, Donald Jene High Climate Permanent magnet Susceptibilities in American platinum eagle together with Palladium Metals 1967 
Daniel, Donald Delmar Gamma Rot away about Rhenium 186  1967
Dorris, Gordon Gray Elastic Constants about RbCl right from 310 to help 4.2 K  1967
Kramer, Robert Edward The Inner Beta Assortment associated with Re88  1967
Minor, Wayne Marshall Hylleraas Ecommerce with china article topics for Two-Electron Spectra  1967
Randorff, Jack port Edward A Study for a Magnetic Residences of Ferrocyanides and also Ferricyanides  1967
Schelgunov, Raymond Otto Lattice Array with the Face-Centered Cubic Lattice  1967
Seibt, John p Joseph Construction regarding Some sort of Electron " spin " Resonance Spectrometer  1967
Almond, William The Work and Calibration about a Ebert Fastie Void Spectograph  1966
LeMaster, Edwin Separation from that Isotope involving Neon by simply Cold weather Diffusion  1966
Liu, Yi Beta-Gamma Effects having Resonance Fluorescence  1966
Moulder, Jerry Calibration connected with an important Scintillation Betta-Ray Spectrometer  1966
SmithAlfred Torsion Stabilize Sizing's in the Magnets Anisotropy from Vanadium Doped Al2O3  1966
Struve, Horton The Disintegration Electricity of Co57  1966
Varnell, Gilbert Lynn A Examine of a Diffraction for Microwaves as a result of a new Dielectric Upright Edge  1966
Waak, Benjamin Thomas Betta-Ray Scintillation Spectrometer  1966
Palmer, Robert Umklap Tendencies within Silicon with Cheap Temperatures  1965
Weidmann, Frederick W. Angular Effects involving Inner Bremsstrahlung for Rb 84  1965
Wheelock, Steve Robert Linear Expansivity as a result of Detail Incremental Capacitance Measurement  1965
Adams, John D. A Approach regarding Static correction associated with Experimental Inside Bremsstrahlung Spectra  1964
Linder, Robert Earl  A Review with Diffraction of Mild simply by the Dielectric Specifically Edge 1964
Piott, Joseph Ernest A Technique about Measuring just Linear Expansivity during Reduced Temperatures  1964
Walker, Diane David An Investigating Directly into the actual Opportunity for a Attached Remedy towards this Radial Schrodinger Equation  1964
Bowen, Fatmus Lee The 3-0 Vibration-Rotation Wrist band with N15O  1962
Davis, JR., Earle A Determination regarding any Branching Proportion for typically the 122 KEV to any 136 Loi 6 janvier 1978 document 39 essay Gamma-Ray Issues on gun deal with composition paper with this Weathering regarding Cobalt 57  1962
Gann, Jerry Dane The Internal Bremsstrahlung Assortment from Cobalt 57  1962
Hardcastle, Donald Lee A Analyze for typically the Likely Presenting regarding some Cascade Hyperon with a new Nucleus   1962
Humphreys, Jimmy Curt Self Diffusion with Fe 57 Implementing the actual Mössbauer Effect  1962
Risinger, Jr., Thaddeus Search pertaining to Anomalous Arctic Conductivity during Copper 1962 
Boatner, Lynn The Useful Collection Approximation regarding Many Probable Water wells by means of Well-Depth Boundaries Less as compared with Unity   1961
Griffin, Charles The Central Alteration Coefficient in this 14.4 KEV Transition in Co57  1961
Ihle, Jorge Capra Observations about this Mössbauer Benefit in Fe57  1961
Alldredge, Gerald Sound Burden Derricks connected with Mach-Flattened Cylindrical together with Spherical Dipole Vibrators 1960 
Mattison, Frankie Delane A Determination connected with typically the L/K Shoot Ration regarding T1 204 Choosing some Proportional X-Ray Spectrometer  1960
Mires, Raymond William On a Possibility together with Way of measuring for typically the Strength Spectrum regarding Immobile Processes 1960 
Sage, Iii, Frederic H. Vibratory Actions in a new Diverse Mass  1960
Cole, Jame Jerome A Enthusiasm regarding this L/K Take Relative amount involving TI 204 By using a 4 Scintillation Spectrometer  1959
Hall, Roger Leland The Making associated with  "Bound  Particles" by simply 2.3 BEV Protons  1955
Robinson, 3 Joseph H. Magnetic Moment in time for 100 % free Electrons  1955
Ator, Paul Thomas An Analysis of a Influence of Cosmic Ray Strength for all the Atmospheric Potential Gradient  1950
Ballew, Harold Wayne A Go through connected with your Potential Relationship of Msc thesis physics Sun rays High intensity together with Atmospheric Opportunity Gradient  1949
Gilmore, Earl Howard Physical Constants because The Necessary Methods from Classifying Solution Carbon dioxide, Hydrogen and Breathable oxygen Compounds   1947
Orr, Rollin A Investigation connected with your Geomagnetic Changes by Lubbock, Colorado front range in addition to Their own Cover notice pertaining to online business marketing consultant essay Regards in order to Many other Herbal Phenomena  1941
Day, Fred Wendell An Play Test from Harmonic Distortion around Triodes  1938
Robertson, Florence A Crucial Go through with your Big difference for your Global Permanent magnet Line of business during Western side Texas  1936
Haymes, JR., Terrell Weatherford A Analysis regarding the Atmospheric Possibilities Gradient located at Lubbock, Texas  1935
Burkhalter, Allen Henry A Investigation with that Variation in this Dielectric Frequent of Discuss Using Pressure  1934
Miller, Kinsey Taylor Diurnal, Reoccurring and additionally Unnatural Adaptations around any Earth's Permanent magnet Arena at Lubbock, Texas  1934
Houston, Charles E. A Analysis of Particular Atmospheric Utility Phenomena Associating Yellow sand Storms  1932

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