Chapter three or more: Table Normalization and House windows Azure SQL Database Composition

Chapter several: Table Normalization and Home windows Azure SQL Database

п»їChapter a few: Table Normalization and Windows Azure SQL Database Review Questions

1 . What are situations for a table to be a regards? Each cellular in a desk must contain a single worth, there should be zero duplicated series, and all the cells in a column must contain the same type of data 2 . How would you link a table to another table? Hyperlink tables based on a marriage connecting the entities with common column in every single table three or more. What is functional dependency? Offer an example of functional dependency. a practical dependency is actually a constraint among two models of features in a relationship from a database. PubID determines the pubName, City, State, and Country. 5. What is a principal key? An applicant key to distinctively identify additional columns inside the relation 5. What is a overseas key? A column or a set of articles whose principles match the values in the primary key in another regards 6. Explain update anomalies by using a good example.. Membership service fees needs to boost to Soccer; all pupils in Sports will need to alter for all series and will gather process to get large stand 7. Describe insertion anomalies by using an example.. Inserting a new class needs student and class id so fresh classes can not be added eight. Describe removal anomalies by simply sing an illustration.. Deletion of any student after graduation triggers deletion of other information inside the same rows, such as classes, clubs, and etc. 9. So why do dining tables need to be normalized? Helps remove modification flaws and reduce data redundancy 15. Why is the highest-level normalization not always appealing? There is no basic rules that will tell us which will business requirements can be executed during the design stage and which ones should be implemented inside the application courses 11. Precisely what are the requirements pertaining to 1NF? Every cell in the table consists of a single value, each line has a unique column brand and all the information entries in the column have the same data type, and no duplicate rows; principal key is applied uniquely identify the...