Charles Perkin and the Liberty Rights Composition

Charles Perkin and the Flexibility Rights


Mr Charles Perkins you were an activist, bureaucrat, university graduate student, a soccer star and a secretary of the Division of Aboriginal Affairs. How would you do it. I want to thank coming today. No, it can my pleasure.

So Charles, let's begin with your childhood. Can you tell me about your previous, up to the Freedom Rides? Well I was delivered in a area called Alice Springs, within a compound referred to as the Alice Spring Telegraph Station primitive reserve, although we referred to as it the bungalow. Most of my family and other Aboriginals occupied the Bungalow. My parents an Arrente mother and a Kaldoon father had 12 children which include me. After i was 10 I was removed and joined the St Francis House in Adelaide. I was discriminated and teased a lot at my school years but then it had been I was great at soccer and I moved to England and I became a specialist player for Everton by 1956, not any it was 1957, then I when to play in Adelaide Croatian and the Sydney Pan Hellenic Club But before that I after that went to City Business College or university in Sydney and graduated with a Bachelors in Disciplines in School of Sydney. Charles, could you explain the particular Freedom Rides are?

Yes, well the liberty rides was an event led by me and the SAFA or Student Action to get Aboriginals, wherever we as activists go a bus tour to rural neighborhoods and areas around New South Wales, to protest against and expose the discrimination of Aboriginals as well as the living conditions, education, and medical conditions of Aborigines. Me plus the SAFA once around to film and protest in public places where racism was at their peak. This event was to increase awareness around the matter of ethnicity discrimination.

My spouse and i heard in a RSL in Walgett declined to allow two aboriginal ex-service men who both acquired served in two world wars in to the club, possibly on Anzac day. Are you able to tell me what happened when you entered that team? Can you explain what happened in Moree. And even more specifically in...