Reporting Methods and Integrity Paper

Reporting Procedures and Integrity Paper

Reporting Practices and Values Paper

By: Harmony Labanowski


Teacher Jay Christensen

April 18, 2011

Several Elements of Economic Accounting

Planning is when the financial supervisor identifies the steps that must be delivered to accomplish the organization's goals. The purpose is usually to identify aims and then to recognize the steps necessary for accomplishing these kinds of objectives. Handling is if the financial director makes sure that every single area of the organization is following plans which were established. The objective of controlling should be to ensure that programs are staying followed. Organising is when the financial supervisor decides using the resources from the organization to most effectively perform the ideas that have been founded. Directing is when the manager works on a day-to-day basis to keep the results in the organizing working efficiently. The reason is to ensure effective reference use and offer daily oversight. Decision making is when the financial manger makes choices among available alternatives. Decision making truly occurs parallel to preparing, organizing, and controlling. All kinds of decision making depend on information, and the primary jobs are examination and evaluation. The purpose is always to make up to date choices (Baker and Baker, 2001). Overview of generally accepted accounting principles and general financial ethical criteria Most healthcare organizations operate on the accrual accounting basis. With this type of accounting; income is noted when it is earned-not when repayment is received; and expenditures are registered when they are incurred-not when they are paid out. Ethical making decisions is required if the healthcare exec must equilibrium the requires and hobbies of the individual, the business and society. Those involved in the decision making procedure must consider ethical principles such as rights, autonomy, beneficence and fairness, as well as professional ethical requirements and unique codes. Physicians,...

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