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criminal offense essay

If the criminal Proper rights is a ‘system' in England and Wales, illustrate and examine how the firms within contribute to the over-representation of Black and Fraction Ethnic masse in jail. In England and Wales we certainly have in place a criminal justice system which can be made up of many agencies which can be their protect the public plus the offenders. Almost all of the agencies operate closely jointly; they consist of the Police, CPS, Courts, Probation, Prisons and Youth Justice. " Lawbreaker Justice is approximately societies formal response to criminal offenses and is described more specifically regarding a series of decisions and activities taken by many agencies reacting to a specific crime or criminal or perhaps crime in general” (Davies et al., 2010: 8). The aims of the felony justice will be protect people by deterring and preventing crime, they help to restore offenders and incapacitate all of them when necessary. All their main target is to maintain justice although promoting the rule of law. That they ensure that the right procedures will be followed within just treatment of potential foods, defendants all those is custody and the prosecuting of crooks. The lawbreaker justice system in England and Wales help to maintain public order, they deal with sentencing or scammers and helping victims. In addition they aim to keep public confidence within lawbreaker justice. The goal of the Lawbreaker Justice Program (CJS) should be to deliver justice for all, by simply convicting and punishing the guilty and helping these to stop annoying, while protecting the innocent. It is responsible for discovering crime and bringing that to proper rights; and undertaking the purchases of court, such as collecting fines, and supervising community and custodial punishment.

The Police firstly investigate cases by simply gathering data that they after that present to the Crown Prosecution Service. Then they decide if to carry on with the case or not. If a case is continued, after that it moves to the different courts depending on seriousness in the crime it will eventually either head to...