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Week 4 Assignment Religious and Ethnic Teams Paper

Week 4 Task Religious and Ethnic Teams Paper

Throughout time, people have been categorized into distinguishable groups based on many attributes like physical appearance, ethnicity, religious beliefs, location of origins, and economic status. The intent of this paper should be to provide background on how these types of groups happen to be differ from each other, how they interact with each other, and what these groups include contributed to American culture. No matter what classification people may get into, it is almost certain that they have faced tough choices relating to their morals, culture, and well-being. They may have also confronted scrutiny and discrimination from other groups. The way they have modified and persevered during these moments contributes to their very own cultural record. Buddhism is a religion used by practically 300 million people around the world, but is a little known faith to westerners. It is gaining interest in american countries since its sagesse lend to the minimalistic tendencies that are turning out to be popular in the us. More than just a religion, Buddhism is different from other made use of because would not worship idols or gods, instead it can be designed to educate its enthusiasts a profound understanding of your mind, also to find the road to enlightenment. Another one of a kind characteristic of Buddhism is the fact it has traditionally been a tolerant religion, which can not be said for many other beliefs. Buddhism will abide by the ethical teachings of other beliefs but Yoga goes further by providing a long-term goal within our lifestyle, through perception and accurate understanding. Actual Buddhism is incredibly tolerant but not concerned with brands like 'Christian', 'Moslem', 'Hindu' or 'Buddhist'; that is why right now there have never been any battles fought with the intention of Buddhism. For this reason Buddhists usually do not preach and try to convert, simply explain in the event that an explanation is sought (White & Dhammika, 1993). A lot of have placed the view...

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