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The proposed Navi Mumbai International Airport is a brand new international airport, which is to come up by Kopra-Panvel area, is being built through public-private collaboration (PPP) — with exclusive sector spouse getting 74% equity when Airports Authority of India (AAI) and Govt of Maharashtra (through City and Industrial Creation Corporation or CIDCO) holding 13% each. Arguments

1 . Union Ministry of Environment and Forests within the current recommended location of the Navi Mumbai International airport near Kopra-Panvel  area, apparently because the building of the air-port would require reclamation of low-lying areas in an ecologically fragile zone as well as damage of a number of hectares of Mangroves. 2 . Its development would harm mangrove fostering in the two, 000 hectares, besides the curve of Gadhi and Ulwe rivers, which according to the Union Environment and Forests Ministry is a very severe issue with the destruction Mumbai faced during the 26th July 2005 massive amounts. As a result of these types of new innovations other spots were considered The original option of locating close to Rewas Mandwa.

The proposed airport terminal site is centered about the region of Rewas and Mandwa near Alibaug, where the first proposal of second international airport existed upon all regional development plans, and the position was left a comment to be the the majority of fit and correct barring the excessive financial cost associated with building a sea-link/creek bridge above the Karanja Creek connecting Uran - JNPT area for the proposed air-port at Rewas Mandwa. It is just at a distance of 20 nautical miles (37 km) simply by sea causes it to be an feasible location.

The other option of locating near Kalyan – Nevali

The second option involves the one off village Newali near Kalyan-Ambernath 55 km away from current international airport in Mumbai. There exists a classic and deserted air-strip of World War II age and the Union Defence Ministry owns the 1, five-hundred acres (6. 1 km2) of land on which in turn it is located. The pitch was focused around all those 1, five-hundred acres (6. 1 km2) of land.

Both equally options had been later eliminated and the web page was complete at Panvel.

Q. 1 ) The mangroves act as keeping ponds during high tides and massive amounts. Where will certainly this drinking water go after the mangroves happen to be reclaimed simply by huge height of embankments. Mangrove jungles are among the most productive terrestrial eco devices and are normal and are a renewable    resource. Mangroves are generally not a miracle just for their particular adaptations but in addition for the significant role they enjoy in our environment. Importance of Mangroves

1 . Mangrove environment act as Stream Zone between your land and sea. installment payments on your Mangroves guard the shoreline against chafing due to wind, waves, normal water currents and protect coral reefs reefs, sea-grass bed and shipping lanes against siltation. 3. Fortunately they are known to absorb pollutants.

some. In mangrove areas water level is superficial, ideal place for growing of ocean algae and for spawning to get fish and marine animals 5. Cleanse the water by absorbing pollutants and dangerous heavy precious metals and help us to breathe in a clean air by fascinating, gripping, riveting pollutants in the air. 6. The tidal swamp is an ideal refuge for avifauna some of which are migratory 7. Mangrove jungles are also significant in terms of appearances and travel. Benefits of Navi Mumbai Airport terminal Project

1 . Task opens-up the state's vast hinterland full of agriculture, floriculture, hi-tech quality value industries to world market. 2 . Navi Mumbai can be expected to absorb the future expansion in inhabitants, business and commercial process of the region. several. The availability of physical and social infrastructure coupled with environmental friendly internet site with minimum resettlement and rehabilitation makes the Navi Mumbai airport task technically and financially practical. � 4. The growth in resident human population in Navi Mumbai, quick development of the Central Business District, in conjunction with economic...