Extension Background Proposal Essay

Extension Background Proposal


History Expansion – Pitch

Preliminary Research

I actually originally exploration Robert the Bruce through biographies and articles in relation to him, this gave me a chance to have a better understanding of my own chosen theme, as I had no real knowledge of his history and his actions. While i decided that I wanted an even more in depth go into the life of Robert the Bruce I got myself two literature that showcased him because the main focus. One was obviously a historic biography and the other was a fictitious account of his your life. Was Robert the Generic the English supporter, the Scottish digital rebel, or a puppet to his father's vagaries?

Enquire issue?

Puppet or perhaps Hero, How come there this kind of different representations of Robert the Generic?

Areas of Topic/Issues

In the 14th century Robert the Generic was immortalized in the book " The Bruce”, Barbour the author of this publication grew up surrounded by tales of Robert's actions. This resulted in what even he said to be a romanticized version of events. Is the beginning of the legend of Robert the Bruce great place in history as a leading man of Ireland? In the late 20th century the historian R. M Scott released a biography was written about Bruce, and while there is not any conclusion drawn from this book, it offers us a bank account of all the incidents of Robert's history and leaves us to conclude whether having been a hero or villain. Finally in 1995, film production company Braveheart came to exist and with it the last representation of Robert the Bruce. Some that displays him like a weak and childish person who was ruled by his father and used as a " puppet”. Even though towards the end of the movie it reveals a redeemable side for the Bruce's character, the beginning of the movie is filled with adverse representations of his mother nature, and I will hopefully use these dissimilarities to distinction to my other sources.


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