Essay upon HSM 541 Week six You Decide

HSM 541 Week 6 You choose

п»їAs the Chief Business Office of Middlefield Clinic, it has been brought to my focus by the Main Financial Police officer that our monetary performance have been deteriorating within the past six (6) months. They have also been taken to my attention that the fresh facility have been admitting more new patients and our tickets have been decreasing. The number of uninsured patients has grown over this period of time. The management team has discovered some other interesting facts which have been possibly harming the trustworthiness of Middlefield Hospital. My dedication is that the financial performance of Middlefield Medical center needs to be increased. Research has shown that private hospitals are functioning on restricted budget all over the world, and they ought to find way to reduce their costs and also try to manage output in all areas and work categories. I possess developed a lot of strategies and recommendations for Middlefield Hospital that can help us to enhance the economical performance from the hospital. I will individually addresses each of the facts discovered by the management crew and discuss the suggested recommendations for every single. The payer mix of Middlefield Hospital is usually comprised of more and more Medicare, Medicaid, and uninsured patients and fewer individuals have industrial insurance. This has caused a decrease in the net income with the hospital. Therefore , I think we ought to considering more advertising to boost the new come. Advertising should certainly and will attract more lucrative patients. The nearby hospital that competes with Middlefield has opened a wellness center that provides a comprehensive assortment of preventive and wellness companies to the community. Wellness centers can offer solutions that are very helpful and near the community. Some of these services happen to be skin care and body solutions, which include fitness services, personal training and nourishment consulting, chiropractic, holistic medication, and acupuncture treatment....

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