ITT Technology MA3110 Vocab 1 Essay

ITT Tech MA3110 Vocab you

Vocabulary 1 – Chapter one particular Section 1

Data – observations that have been collected.

Stats – the science of organizing studies and experiments, obtaining data, then organizing, summarizing, presenting, examining, interpreting, and drawing a conclusion based on the info. Population – the collection coming from all elements to be studied. Census – an accumulation of data via every part of the population Test – a subset of members chosen from a population

Terminology 1 – Chapter you Section two

Statistical Significance – an arbitrary limit where an observed difference is reasonably assumed to be due to some component other than real chance. Functional significance – an irrelavent limit where an observed difference features some sensible use in real life. Vocabulary 1 – Phase 1 Section 3

Parameter – a numerical dimension of a human population characteristic. Statistic – a numerical measurement of a test characteristic. Quantitative Data – data that consists of amounts representing matters of measurements. Categorical Data – data that can be separated into different categories that are distinguished by simply some nonnumeric characteristic. Discrete Data – data that has a finite number or countable number of possible values. Constant Data – data that has an infinite number of possible values, with no spaces in the likely values. Nominal Level of Dimension – data that are qualitative only. Ordinal Level of Dimension – data that can be ordered, but computational differences happen to be meaningless. Period Level of Dimension – data that are ordinal level, and in addition having meaningful computational dissimilarities, but having no significant zero value. Ratio Standard of Measurement – data which can be interval level, and also having meaningful computational differences, and having a significant zero worth. Vocabulary you – Phase 1 Section 4

Non-reflex Response Sampling – a mode of sampling that includes non probability sampling strategies in its analysis. Correlation – the degree to which...