Kids Marketing Consulting Essay

Kids Marketing Talking to

Part 1 .

Attractiveness with the market research sector in Ukraine based on Porter's Five Options (from CMO point of view). Market Competitors (Segment Rivalry):

Likewise there is competition, the market exploration industry in Ukraine will not have many, strong, or perhaps aggressive opponents in the youngsters, tweens and teens specific niche market. Actually, KMC could be deemed a master in this niche and as every pioneers organization had liked solid progress and success and created a strong consumer bottom. However due to rising competition, company must shift towards protecting the niche.

Competition does not appear to have high stakes in staying in the segment (major commanders are huge international business belonging to global ESOMAR community). While they could be called strategic group numerous niche players within, none of the firms operating in Ukraine are only dedicated to market research focusing on kids.

As being a CMO I have to " drill down deeper” and consider competitive set while " restricting of competitors only to the ones that offer the same quality item or have a similar standards”. Than I might consider only industry leaders or those businesses who, for instance , belong to Ukrainian Marketing Relationship (UMA), legitimately registered and operated (white in Ukraine), I will phone them Group A. Group A organizations are considered to experience a higher market standards and reputation. Customer, if new, would be educated as to worth and quality of merchandise they are obtaining.

We would also think that perhaps this high standards have more benefit and value in the " larger” customer segment, exactly where medium to smaller clients competitors group of friends would be distinct. Medium customers would probably use " white and gray” research organizations (Group B). Smaller clientele with limited resources could possibly considering certainly not registered/black marketplace offerings (Group C), since this group usually has the cheapest rates.

Exit barriers (industry's key asset happen to be know - how pros and a built network/resources) are low and fixed costs are quite low as well -- there is no manufacturer to open, tools to maintain (except computer related) and products to store.

General, market research market in Ukraine is not considered secure or declining, it is actually anywhere in the developing cycle, making it still a stunning segment to consider. Potential Entrants (Threat of mobility):

The most desirable segment is usually one in which entry limitations are high and quit barriers happen to be low. (Few new companies can your industry, and poorly carrying out firms can certainly exit).

There are simply no high entry barriers and new competition easily coming into the market, including:

•Many advertising companies use to agreement market research operate to a independent firm, although shifted toward conducting their particular. They are easily entering and moving in market research direction (different business model, same solution/product offered). •Other competition in the market analysis industry is available besides the large firms, just like independent consultants.

I would also think that one from the main access barriers (ofcourse not in the case) would be insufficient local cable connections needed to wide open and run a business in Ukraine. Substitutes (Threat of substitutes):

A segment turns into less desirable when there are actual or perhaps potential substitutes for the product/service. There is almost no business or item that does not include a substitute. Alternative could also be an item that fulfills the same need " by a several means. ” What is right now there that could replacement for the product? •market research firm focusing on adult consumers – could act as a substitute in some cases. Also they will focus on different segment, you could argue that kids/tweens/teens segment immediately relies on all their parent as a source of income. For example , higher home income family members might have allocated for larger spending/allowances for children. •One stop marketing and advertising leaders in the market that are known and...