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I have decided to write a feminist analysis from the short story " Misplaced boys”. " Lost boys” is a feminist short history written by Deborah Moggach. A feminist examination of a textual content focus on how men and woman are portrayed and the overall message, which I will deal with in this following analysis of " Lost boys”. The brief story " Lost boys” is about a couple of and their romantic relationship to the narrator's mother-in-law, Lily. The story starts in " in-medias-res”, which I can see for the reason that reader is thrown directly into the story without any introduction. Lily's son, Ewan, believes that Lily is an untrustworthy and unnatural mother, nevertheless the narrator won't agree because. Although Ewan has told a lot of bad reasons for having his mom, the narrator believes that her mother-in-law, Lily, is known as a romantic and good girl. Ewan feels he had a deprived childhood because he does not feel that Lily took care of him. The narrator changes her view of Lily once she is at Hampstead Heath to visit Lily with her children. The narrator attended a swimming while Lily looked after the youngsters, but when the narrator returned, Alex was gone. Then the narrator recalled when her husband informed her about his childhood; " We'd hired a holiday cottage in the Fresh Forest and lots of the grown-ups went going swimming, naked, within a river. After she sat down and painted others and I wandered off. Your woman forgot me. I was just five. I actually wandered down the stream and fell in and nearly drowned... All intended for the painting. ” (Side 34 – line 31). Then the narrator realised that it was exactly the same that happened to Alex and this Ewan was right. Lily is a self-centered woman who doesn't consider anything else than her artwork and that's the reason why she forgets Alex and Ewan. The narrator hardly ever told Ewan about what took place that day time.

Ewan is definitely the narrator's husband and the daddy to their two children, Cassie and Alex. Ewans father perished when Ewan was a kid and since that time he had recently been alone together with his...