Marketing Reflection Paper

Marketing Reflection Paper


At present marketing happen a huge function in the competitive business world. The primary objective of promoting is to increase company's revenue. So in the event the company's product sales is improved, there is a great chance to increase company's profit. In other word marketing is usually helping the business to maximize their very own profit. Marketing is the activity, set of organizations and procedures for creating, connecting, delivering and exchanging offerings that have worth for customers, clientele, partners and society at large. [Solomon et ing (2011), l. 7] The American Marketing Association defines promoting as " an organizational function and a set of operations for creating, connecting, and providing value to customers and for managing buyer relationships in manners that advantage the organization as well as its stakeholders. The term developed by an original which means which referred literally to going to an industry to buy or perhaps sell services or goods. Seen from a systems point of view, revenue process anatomist marketing is " a set of processes that are interconnected and interdependent to functions, in whose methods can be improved utilizing a variety of relatively new approaches. " [Retrieved from]


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Chapter 1: Everyone should be open to the World of Advertising: Creating and Delivering Value

The best way to present a good or perhaps service for consumers' concern, marketers need to make a large number of decision so in retrospect they need many tools, this strategic tool kit is called the marketing blend. The marketing mix is known as a combination of the four Ps- product, cost, promotion and place. [Solomon et ing (2011), l. 21 & 22] In my personal experience as a consumer, every company need to need to use the marketing combine. For example , whenever we think about Vodafone Australia, what type of item we are obtaining from them? Could it be core, genuine or increased? The answer is: 2 weeks . augmented item, because Vodafone giving all of us the actual merchandise plus additional supporting features such as warranty and after-sales service.

Then whenever we think about the value: are they offering us the best price compare to all their services and other competitors on the market? Because many consumers work with price as a means of judging product quality. [Solomon et ing (2011), s. 22]

Inside the promotional blend we can check out how they are performing inside their personal providing, advertising, product sales promotion etc. [Solomon et ing (2011), p. 23] From my experience, I use took one of many promotional present from Vodafone. The provide was these were giving $59 plan for a cost of $49.

Place relates the product availability to the customer at the desired as well as location. [Solomon ain al (2011), p. 23] It strikes me that, Vodafone is doing this well, because they had a large number of shop in all about Australia and we can buy any kind of product conveniently in online as well.


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Chapter 2: Strategic Organizing and the Advertising Environment: The Advantage is undeniable

In this competitive business world advertising environment is among the most important factor which allows the organization to make a strategic planning. This includes internal and external environment. The internal environment includes culture, persons, facilities and technologies, which can be controllable components inside an business. On the other hand external environment contains political, socio-cultural, economical and technological factors. [Lecture Slide-2] As a buyer if I think about Apple products and I compare Australia which has a third world nation like my own country Bangladesh then it will be one of the excellent example how a internal and...

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