Reflective: non-verbal Communication and John Dissertation

Refractive: Nonverbal Connection and Steve



In the second week of scientific placement during the handover, the registered nurse whom I was " buddied” with and I were informed that we would be taking care of John (ofcourse not his real name) who was simply suffering from retention of urine, and was in considerable discomfort on this particular shift. Within our plan of care, all of us included that we get to shower room him therefore the we could commence changing him the dress up on his correct leg as he had an ulcerated leg as a result of suffering from a disorder known as Peripheral Vascular Disease. As a consequence of this disease this individual also experienced his kept leg amputated below the leg some in years past and mobilised using a wheelchair. It became crystal clear during the handover that Steve had been very difficult the last few days. It says on the handover that he had thrown products across his room and was regularly pressing his call button and shouting all day, he previously also declined to have a clean and change his pyjamas. Even as left the room where the handover had occurred, The doctor asked me if its good on me to check each of our patient how he was carrying out. I pulled on his door and presented myself as a student registered nurse, I then asked John to get his permission for me to assist him in having a rinse and change of clothing. David was lay on his bed, he were quite tight, he looked up at me personally and yelled " zero, I want to check in with my doctor! And I haven't had an alcohol for 2 days! ” I explained that I was here to assist in changing the shower on his calf and to help him to have a wash and alter. I relocated closer toward his pickup bed and decreased myself to his vision level. Then i began to embark on conversation with him by managing a soft tone of voice and asking him if he would such as a cup of tea when we had finished. His body language melted and this individual looked up and smiled, this individual said ‘I would love one'. I smiled back for John, I then repeated problem of supporting him with having a wash and alter, whilst keeping a peaceful posture and eye contact with him. John gave me his consent and i also proceeded to assist him in maintaining his personal hygiene with esteem and pride. With John's co procedure my " buddied” rn and I were then in a position to go on doing our cares for you to him.


Through this kind of learning encounter I encountered different emotions towards the situation. From the primary handover, the registered nurse in charge did not paint a positive photo of Ruben. I considered why this particular resident was so extreme and demanding and the health-related staffs defined him as being ‘difficult'. We felt restless, as this is my second week scientific placement in the hospital as a second 12 months student and i also did not feel experienced enough to deal with the problem. During my come across with Ruben it became crystal clear why he would feel so angry and frustrated. I noticed he failed to have a wheelchair in the room, and it became noticeable that he could be alcoholic person and when the total extent of John's circumstance became clear to me, My spouse and i felt huge frustration for him. We need to treat consumers with respect and maintain their very own dignity. With John devoid of a wheelchair, he was often staying to his pickup bed and therefore had lost his autonomy. The case also made me very furious, reflecting back again I feel I ought to have been even more assertive and perhaps questioned for what reason the staff got ignored John's requests.


It was a shame that the professional personnel acted the way in which that they would, ignoring how angry and frustrated John had become but not acting upon it. The health care staffs' compassion and communication expertise seemed to be greatly lacking, not really listening to his requests and showing no feeling toward him. This kind of breakdown in communication inside the nurse – client– romantic relationship with david, left him feeling irritated and not in control of his individual wellbeing In the beginning, I could certainly not see any good points from this situation; nevertheless looking back again I can notice that it did have its positive side, in just as much as allowing myself to examine me...