Theory of Character and Characterization Dissertation

Theory of Character and Characterization

1 . Theory of Figure

According to Abrams the meaning of character are the folks presented within a dramatic or narrative function, who are interpreted by the reader to be edowed with moral and dispositional features that are stated in what i have heard it said - the dialogue - and what they do - the action (198 1: 2) Therefore characters are important aspect in the story. The stories always introduce their characters to provide a description towards the readers. Character is commonly employed in two ways (Stanton. 1965: 17). The first is that character designates the people who appear in the story. The second is that character refers to the combination of interests, wants, emotions, and moral guidelines that makes up each of these people. Character offers a certain situation or circlumstance in the history because he or she reveals his or her feelings in that. According to Hugh Holman and Bill Harmon. personality is a complicated term that includes tile notion of the meaningful constitution from the human character, the presence of meaningful uprightness, plus the simpler notion of the existence of pets in fine art that appear to be human beings of just one sort or another (1986: 81). Characters may be divided into two kindly key or main character and minor personality. Major persona is the most important persona in a history. Basically, a story is about this kind of character, but he are not able to stand by himself; he requirements other heroes to name tie up story more convincing and lifelike. Minor characters will be characters of less crucial than those the key (Koesnosoebroto, 1988: 67). A personality can be possibly static or dynamic (Holman and Harmon, 1986: 83). A stationary character is definitely one who changes little if at all. Things affect such a character without points happening inside. The routine of action reveals the smoothness rather than exhibiting the character changing in response towards the actions. A dynamic persona is person who is customized by activities and encounters and 1 objective with the...