Unforgettable Minute Essay

Memorable Moment

The Unforgettable Second

All people in the world have fond thoughts of their lives including me. Among the thoughts I cannot ignore is the first-time to step foot in the stadium watching my favourite football team enjoy. At that time I was 11 years old. My favourite team at that time is Selangor FC and the arena name is usually Stadium Malawati Shah Alam located in the main city of Selangor. I have been combined with my big brother. He is the one the person whom tought me everything regarding football. After i arrived at the area of the stadium I saw numerous peoples. A lot kinds of people. All of them have look very happy. At that time, with age since young as I, I feel and so excited and enthusiasm. My whole body also able to style it. The region of the stadium is full with stall, booth that marketed everything that connected to football just like jersey, football merchandise, teams flag and many else. My spouse and i also do not miss to get the best team hat which is Selangor FC and also well-known as The Red Giants.

Following satisfied travelling the stadium compound. Myself and my mate decide to enter the stadium. After my initially food step up the arena the feel of excited hit me again. If the away from the arena I can observe hundreds of peoples, at the inside I can observe thousands of people. The place is so crowded and noisy, once i talked to my brother this individual cannot hear what I i am talking about even he is proper next to me. After take it easy, I saw just about every corner with the stadium plus the stadium is indeed huge. At that time, I wager this must be the biggest stadium in the world.

Prior to match started out all lenders in the stadium need to stand and sing the national anthem, Negaraku. I sing it with enthusiasm. My personal adrenalin can be rising at this time. The countrywide anthem ends with a thunderous applause by supporters who also come, and again the feeling of thrilled strike me personally again. Meet on that day concerning Selangor FC and Perak FC. Through the match Some stop cheering for the best...